There is a growing awareness of the need to protect the environment, a view supported by Global Options.  Employees should make every effort within their sphere of control to minimise any adverse effect of the Company on the environment.

Examples include:

  • Turning off lights when not required.
  • Turning down heating levels.
  • Planning journeys to minimise the fuel used on Company business.
  • Co-operating with any recycling systems for waste that are introduced.

In addition, the Company takes its own measures to incorporate ‘green’ strategies within its purchasing practices in that:

  • Company vehicles are being replaced with Volkswagen ‘Blue Motion’ technology, and we are investigating hybrid and electrically fuelled vehicle opportunities.
  • Our courier flyer bags are coated in a biodegradable substance.
  • Documents are sourced from paper supplies that can be recycled.
  • Cargo is transported on commercial, scheduled flights rather than aging and less efficient specialist cargo aircraft.

Global Options are dedicated to Simplifying the process and having a package just go straight from A to Z instead of first shipping to multiple hub locations before it goes on a plane to the destination country where again it is touched by so many hands before it finally reaches the customer.

Iit is much faster and above all: the carbon footprint is reduced by 30%. Doesn’t this all make perfect sense?

We are committed to using scheduled passenger flights to carry our consignments to their final destination countries. It is our intent to sustain and reduce the carbon footprint by adopting this policy.