With accreditations comes responsibility, Aviation security has become a focal point with the ever present threat of terrorism.

We undertake strict training programs to protect our client's interests and the passengers who fly on commercial airlines.

All members of Global Options have achieved a level of training and certified competent under the "UK National Air Cargo training security program" Refresher courses are arranged at reegular intervals to keep us abreast of any changes to security procedures.

It is a requirement under health and safety regulations that training is provided when manual lifting to anyone working for our company whom will be in need of lifting objects of a heavy nature.

Manual lifting has its techniques; expert training helps us understand the importance of body movement and how to avoid personal injury.

We are an investor in people; we encourage and develop our employees. Training in key areas help us to improve individual talents.

We have a portfolio of extremely high calibre individuals, chosen for their abilities and qualifications. Serving our clients with the highest standard and knowledge to compliment their business needs.